Somewhat like Wario Woods with a gun.

Created for Weekly Game Jam 96.

Left/Right arrow - move

 Ctrl - shoot

Shooting a falling block stops its movement for a couple seconds.

Three shots destroys any block.

If a block touches any other one, shooting them destroys these blocks immediately, with a combo bonus.

Development log


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I like the concept quite a bit, had some fun with it.

I think one thing that made getting points hard was that sometimes you just don't get the right sequence of blocks and there's no way to move them closer together. One thing that would help a bit with that is removing the one square blocks. You could also increase the spawn rate, and maybe slightly decrease the falling speed to allow more chances for getting points. This might also allow the player to get more than two pieces cleared at once.

Another idea would be to have the gun move/rotate the pieces, though that's getting into the territory of an entirely different game.


Thanks for the feedback! The prototype would definitely benefit immensely from a couple hours of polish, but I didn't have the luxury. 

P.S. Just wrote a postmortem for the game, take a look if interested